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About SelfGrip®

SelfGrip® is so tough, it’s the Official Athletic Tape of USA Triathlon.

On the bike. In the water. Running to the finish line.

SelfGrip® is the athletic bandage that consistently outperforms all others. SelfGrip® is the official athletic tape of USA Triathlon supporting some of the toughest and intense athletes in the world.

Doctor Recommended

“It is vital when applying compression to an injured joint or muscle that the injured area have the proper combination of pressure and elasticity. SelfGrip has an excellent combination of ease of application, appropriate compression and elasticity that makes it my highest recommended tape product for use  coaches, trainers and the athletic consumer. Lastly, its variety of sizes and non-adhesive properties to the skin also allow it to be used on a number of different joints and muscles making it quite a versatile product in my emergency medical bag.”

Dr. Keith Overland, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

SelfGrip® is ideal for:

Contact Sports – Applying SelfGrip® prior to play can be beneficial to knees, elbows and legs. SelfGrip gives mobility, compression, and maximum support to ligaments tendons and muscles.

Endurance Sports – SelfGrip® can help prevent injury and re-injury of knees, ankles, feet, and toes, which are under tremendous pressure in endurance sports.

Racquet Sports – Use SelfGrip® to stabilize the head of the radius and to treat elbow hyper extension injuries. SelfGrip® is also an excellent racquet grip.

Water Sports – SelfGrip® works in well the water, it can provide swimmers with maximum support and compression of hands, wrists, fingers, and ankles.

First Aid – SelfGrip® makes an excellent secondary bandage and compression bandage.

Multi-Purpose Grip Support – SelfGrip® can support the grip needed for any handle for work or play.

Here’s how SelfGrip® works:

Sticks to Itself and Is Easy To Use
The unique 98% cotton and 2% latex woven technology allows SelfGrip® to adhere to itself without the use of pins or clips, and without sticking to hair or skin. SelfGrip® tears easily and evenly. You can apply SelfGrip® anytime, anywhere.

Allows the Skin to Breathe
SelfGrip® absorbs and releases wetness because of its wicking action, allowing the skin to breathe. You stay more comfortable.

Holds Its Grip In Water
SelfGrip® is unsurpassed in water. It will not become waterlogged, slip out of place or lose compression in fresh or saltwater.

Can be Washed and Reused
SelfGrip® can be used several times and still retain its self-adhering, support and compression qualities. That means you save money!

Comes in 7 Colors and 4 Different Widths. New Pink Tape.
SelfGrip® comes in 4 widths from 1” to 4”. Choose from red, white, blue, beige, black, pink and now green! Match your tape with your team uniforms.

Has Multiple Uses
SelfGrip® can be used as a multi-purpose, all in one tape/bandage for sports, around the house, outdoors or on the job. SelfGrip® can even be used as a grip on tools and sports equipment. Always have a roll of SelfGrip® on hand; you will be happy you did.

Compare SelfGrip® to Traditional Bandages


No pins or clips x
Adheres only to itself x
Tears evenly to size x
Reusable x x
Wicks out perspiration x
Maintains grip in water x

“This is the only brand I’ve found that washes well, keeps its self adhesiveness, and still has some stretch in it. (I use the delicate cycle and hang dry them). I give them my highest recommendation.”

“I’ve been using this wrap for years and think it is the best one available! It’s reusable and makes my ankle feel very secure and supported.

“Excellent product, Holds grip tight, even when it gets wet during active athletic event. It’s never let me down yet.”

“This tape is the best you can get, works for a lot of things not just one thing but many things”

“This is a great product for supporting sprains and trigger fingers. It is much heavier than the so called “Gentle” bandages from others and less expensive than many others.”

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